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About The Site

On this site I promise No Frills, Just Food, and by that I mean, that you will never be bothered by ads or have to scroll through miles and miles of essays or stories to get to what you actually came for.

I understand why you're here. You just want to access your recipe and get on with your life! I know this, because I am just like you. I hate having to read through someone's life story or mess with a page so loaded down with ads that it glitches out my device, when all I'm trying to do is make some food! 

Also, as part of my promise to never force you to scroll to get to the good stuff, my blog is an entirely separate part of the site where I post all manner of content from kitchen must haves to trending topics in the food industry.

For the sake of transparency I will mention here that I am an Amazon Affiliate. That means if you purchase anything through one of the links I provide on my page, I'll make a small commission from the sale at no cost to you whatsoever. These links will mostly be for things like recommended ingredients, helpful gadgets/tools or gift buying ideas for the foodie in your life!


Let Me Introduce Myself

My name is Joanna, although most of my friends call me JoJo! I was born and raised in London, England but moved to the good ol' US of A in 2016 to chase the American Dream.

I currently live with my boyfriend in Virginia and spend my days working hard at my full time job. The evening though, that's another story! When I'm not at work I am in the kitchen experimenting with all manner of flavors, textures, colors, you name it!


Despite what most would assume, my passion for cooking did not begin at a young age. It really started taking off once I moved out and lived on my own. Having the freedom to expand on all the knowledge I'd picked up on over the years from my mum and grandma and having full control of the kitchen was such a fantastic feeling! It sparked me to start purchasing exotic ingredients, investing in all the tools and gadgets my heart could desire and exploring different cuisines. I worked to develop my palette and to tech myself a vast array of techniques. I wanted to push myself to be the best that I can be. 


After over 5 years of cooking and experimenting, I decided it was time to share my recipe collection with the world! Just please don't judge me for my terrible photography skills! I learned how to use a knife...not a camera! I'll do my best to take appetizing pictures but I'm putting the disclaimer out there just to be safe!


If you've read this far, then you're awesome! I hope you like my site and discover something new to enjoy.


Happy cooking everyone xx

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